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"Word to the wise, do not attempt this career without learning and educating yourself with Kiki's services. You have got to prepared to stand out. I interviewed all on my own, and what a disaster, I walked into the room and knew within a second I was at a disadvantage. After the session while riding the van back to the airport another applicant who got a CJO that afternoon gave me Kiki's name and website, said it was the key to her success. Fast forward to my flight home as I was crying on the shoulders of the working FA's and THEY gave me Kiki's name and website! I figured it was a sign. Well it was and here I am a loyal Kiki disciple loving my life as a FA. Thanks you guys this has been the adventure of my life, I loved your services and working with you (and I framed my resume right after I had Kiki add my Flight Attendant job!) Love and blessings to you all"

"I am spinning, I have a million different emotions, it is surreal, I GOT HIRED! Thank you Kiki, you not only prepared me and inspired me, but all your words of encouragement made you like a little guardian angel on my shoulder today in my interview, I kept repeating over and over all your advice and did everything you told me, and I got the CJO from American Airlines. Thank for the guide (which I have read everyday since I got it) and my outstanding resume and for believing in me, too. You're the best."

"Thanks Kiki!! I was getting some limited success under my own power, but things didn't really start happening for me until I read your book and asked you to help me with my resume. From that moment it was full thrust, throttles forward for me and my goal was to become a professional Flight Attendant. Even though I have never met you, you have been a huge part of my life path that I have chosen to follow. You have been there EVERY step of the way and you NEVER fail to have great advice and overall support. I can't thank you enough! My new career with SkyWest would not be happening without you, I just smile the widest smile when I see I have an email from you. Thank you Kiki with everything that I have in me for helping me to realize my dream that I have wondered about for so many years. You are truly an inspiration and Tony Robbins GOT NUTHIN ON YOU!!" 

"I was hired at Southwest! Thank you for your amazing products, your inspiration and for always being there to help me, your services definitely made the difference and led me straight to success and I am so glad I found you" 

"Where do I begin? I am loving my life as a Flight Attendant! I grew up, went to school and raised my kids in the same town. Since I started flying for American, I have already been to 23 cities in the US and 2 countries in Europe. Yes Kiki, I am counting them and I am like a kid in a candy store. I never knew this was out there and certainly never thought this life would be mine. You have blessed me beyond measure with your services and information and you truly have a servants heart. I felt your support behind me from the time I ordered, through the whole process. Thank you so much you have helped me achieve the adventure of a lifetime!"

"Accepted to training with PSA! Very happy and beyond excited to live my dream, I appreciate your kindness, advice and great information." 

"To everyone, go to the order page and get this information"! Kiki, put it on your site just like that, please! I am the newest member of the Alaska Airlines team. I have never been through anything like the Flight Attendant interview process and can't imagine doing it unprepared. I felt like a star, totally on, totally prepared and it is you who I thank for that because I would have never, ever been hired without reading your guide, your overview and also the incredible resume was like icing on the cake." 

"Kiki I am emailing you from the airport before I even tell my friends and family the amazing news, I have been selected at American Airlines! My experience went exactly as you said it would in your overview, and I was so prepared from reading your guide. What a day! I can't believe it! Thank you so very much!

"YES it is Delta Airlines! Thanks to you, I got the offer today! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, is the only work to describe you, your guide and my spectacular resume. Could not have done it without you." #wings 

"Greetings Kik! I wanted to let you know that I am an official Endeavor Airlines Flight Attendant and it is hands down, BEST. JOB. EVER. I made it here because of you and I am telling everyone I meet who wants to be a FA that you are the person to make their dreams a reality. Hope to see you in an airport someday!" .

"Hello Kiki, I just wanted to say thank you for the great book and overview. It really help me prepare for my interview and all the information was exactly correct. I was just hired by American Airlines and I canít thank you enough. For anyone seeking employment in this industry, I feel your book is a must have! I wish I could do a commercial testimonial for you! But, thank you again for assisting in making my dream come true." 

"Hi Kiki! I just got my wings at Endeavor! I looked up at the sky today at a plane going over and thanked you my angel for putting me there and believing in me, You are the best and I am so grateful."

"Kiki I was selected at Republic and also at PSA! I felt so prepared, ready and competitive and totally saw how I stood out ("shined" as you would say!) and where others did not because of what I learned from your guide. Never felt better about an interview and told many applicants who weren't selected that they need to get your guide!  Thank you for giving me the wonderful gift of knowledge. You are an inspiration." 

"I was hired by Sky West! Thanks to your book and all your support when I had questions. Your book and overviews helped me more than you know.  Everything is right on target and helped me get the job. I was so well prepared when I went to the interview, the book is a must have if you are planning to become a flight attendant. Your information is the best available. I could not have done it without it. also thank you for giving me my confidence back, I'm over 40 and I did it! Thank you Kiki so very much.  I owe my career to you." 

"Kiki, Thank you for sending us no less than five exceptionally well prepared applicants today, in ONE session!. You are making my job very easy! Seriously, keep up the great work, it is so wonderful and refreshing to sit across from these very well prepared, informed applicants. BTW, The reason I know they worked with you is because I overheard one say your name and I had already CJO'd the group, so I asked, and turns out all five had worked with you and the products from your site and of course could not say enough good things about you.. Wanted to let you know." FA/Recruiter, USA  

"Hired at American Airlines! My DREAM job. Thanks is not a big enough word to tell how grateful I am! My resume was wonderful, the guide set me up for success and the overview was spot on! I am still floating! Kiki I owe you so much for being my mentor and my inspiration in this process!" 

"Guess who is a Delta Flight Attendant? ME!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Thank you Kiki, you made the difference in moving me into this new place in my life and you are a dear for always reading my emails and answering my crazy questions. Owe it all to you girly!"  

"I want to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart for being generous enough to write such an informative book! The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant is a must have for all potential flight attendants. It truly takes you step by step through the entire process. At my interview, my recruiter remarked that she was shocked I was not already a flight attendant, I did not want to give away my secret, but it was thanks to you and your book. I was invited to training the following day. Thanks for making my dream come true." 

"Greetings Kiki! Two airline offers for me, American Airlines and United! Can you believe this? I thought my problem would be getting picked, not deciding where to go! LOL Your information is the secret, you are an amazing person for sharing it with all of us and I just wanna scream it out to everyone who wants to be where I am!  I am profoundly thankful." 

Kiki I was selected at Horizon! Every bit of your material was right on, (I have not let go of your guide since I got it!) I know my resume was very well received, and I looked so good, if I do say so myself! I looked around the room and saw what everyone else was doing wrong, wearing wrong and saying wrong because you taught me well! All of your tips made me a stand out, head to toe. I am so excited to fly for this amazing airline. 

Just wanted to let you know thanks to your book, support, resume (first class). Best money I've spent. I have been hired at Virgin America!  Great job I will continue to spread the word. Thanks again, you rock!" 

"I went on my interview with United Airlines yesterday and I was offered the job as Flight Attendant!  Your book completely prepared me for the interview.  The interview was a very intense process but with your book and
your support, I made it!"

"Got it at AA! You are my guardian angel for all you have done for me. I can't even believe I get to be a part of the new AA! Overwhelmed with gratitude and I hope to meet you in person someday so I can give you a big hug!" 

"HIRED at Delta Airlines! Thanks for the great resume, overview and book. I am so excited! 

"Just wanted to say a quick thank you. I have now got two cabin crew jobs thanks to your superb book. My first airline job has been with EasyJet and I am going to start my dream job with British Airways long haul at Heathrow next month. Your book has been very helpful and informative. I lent my book to my friend and she got straight in with Emirates. Thanks once again"  

"I want to send you a HUGE thank you hug from me. Thanks to your book I was hired at Virgin America. I was turned down at 3 different airlines and I almost gave up but then a friend told me about you and look at me now I finally made it!"  

"Hello from Jetblue's newest flight attendant! I made it Kiki! Thank you for the guide, your encouragement and for educating me through the written word! Your guide is like a miniature training course for flight attendant wannabes like me!!! I will see you in the sky!" 

I got the job with Republic! Thank you Kiki, I am forever grateful for generous wisdom and kindness! 

"Your guide changed my life! I have been hired at Southwest Airlines.  I have encouraged everyone at my interview to get your guide and overview, plus everyone else I meet. I simply would not be here without your guide and helpful emails. 

"Your book and Alaska Airlines overview are right on! Your information was exactly what they asked in the interview. The question and answer portion of your book really provided a solid base where I could match my own experiences to the answers and be ready for the interview which was an intense process. All prospective applicants need to read your book and PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE!  

"Hi Kiki, I got hired at Southwest. I followed all of your tips in the guide, dressed exactly as you said in the guide and used all those little secret pointers with my recruiter. Your book and overview were what II needed to succeed and be confident in my interview. Thank you!" -

" I got the job at Hawaiian. So grateful for your guide, it was the key to my success. I felt so prepared. Mahalo!"  

"I just wanted to let you know that I got hired at United! Thank you so much for all of your help and words of encouragement. Without you and your guide I would still be a dreamer. I'll be sure to recommend your products to anyone who is interested in becoming a flight attendant. I cannot say thank you enough, you have seriously changed my life." 

"My final interview with United came after  reviewing your book over and over again. Thanks to you, I was very confident. I shined like a star in the interview just like you said I would. Thanks to your book, I was able to relax and be myself. I would like to point out that I am a former flight attendant and still had problems getting hired before I came to you for help. For those out there who think they don't need help. I must inform you of how very wrong you are. Without this book, I don't believe United would have given me the time of day. Buy this book, it will be the best investment you will ever make to start your flight attendant career. I am now with my DREAM airline, and I owe it all to Kiki Ward!" 

"Thank you for steering our daughter in the right direction Kiki. After spending a lot of money at a school for flight attendants, we wrote you after she graduated but was not hired at any airline. You informed us that no schooling was required, and that in fact the airline you get hired with will train you for free! I wish we had known that sooner! We purchased your guide, she studied it diligently and she was hired at Skywest two weeks ago. We regret not fully researching our options before paying the school, but we learned a valuable lesson. You are an upstanding lady and we thank you for all the help you gave us and her." 

"I'm finally on my way to training for Jetblue.  I am convinced I made it through their hiring process because of your help.  Your resume service, and your interview guide gave me a very competitive edge.  I would, and will recommend your service to anyone aspiring to become a flight attendant" 

"Wow, I almost died today when my interview ended and I looked in the back of the room and there you were! Thanks Kiki for talking to all of us and signing my guide! SO glad I brought it. My group could not stop talking about you on the van going back to the airport. You are so sweet. I got the email right after my flight landed that I was selected and I am moving forward in the process! YESSSSSS!! A great day all around, I met my idol and I am one step closer to my FA dream job, thank you!" 

"After much waiting and building anticipation my personal interview came with American Airlines a company I ADORE and was very excited about.  I was offered the position at the end of my interview and was able to be myself and relax as I knew I was prepared.  Best advice I can give anyone, Knowledge is power and granted I am a former flight attendant but it is amazing how many interview "No no's" you see when you are actually prepared and confident.  This my friends comes with buying Kiki's book and airline overviews.  Worth Every Penny!  And the encouragement, friendship, and consultations she provides, priceless. No matter how educated or experienced you may be when it comes to interviewing, airlines are a different breed, and Kiki in my opinion is the only person that has the true inside information. Thank you Kiki, From the bottom of my heart!  You are a Flight Attendant Applicants Guardian Angel. 

"I recently ordered your overview for Southwest Airlines, I had a interview with them and I got the job! Your overview was very helpful and I want to thank you for your service"

"Dear Kiki Right after I submitted my resume you did for me I got three airline interviews and three offers of employment and I am not even kidding you when I say that you have completely transformed my life. I wrote you an email before I even bought the guide or resume or anything from your site, you told me that I could do it, that my life could change. Well, it has come true and I framed that email you sent me. You both inspired me and educated me and I am so happy. Thank you Kiki. Robin

"I was selected at Emirates!!!!! You are the best, thanks for all the inside information, my resume (which I am so proud of now!) and the guide, it was my life saver."

Thanks to Kiki, I have been hired at American Airlines! Her book was filled with relevant information about every single step of the application process. The interview was the most nerve-wracking part, but the book gave me a sense of what to expect. I felt empowered with this knowledge. It helped me show up at the interview over-prepared. Not knowing what to expect contributes to most of the nerves and because of Kiki, I didn't have to worry about what to wear or what would come next during the interview day. I was able to focus solely on participating the best I could. Not only that, but Kiki herself is an incredibly kind and helpful person. She has always been extremely responsive to every single question I sent her during the process. Thank you, Kiki, for helping me achieve my dream!"

"Say hello to the newest Republic Airlines FA... ME! Thanks for all your services, you are such a good person to navigate all us newbies through this process" 

"I am the girl who never got the flight attendant job and with your help I was able to succeed.  I am sending along a photo of me in my uniform.. I have had several trips, including one to Spain and I leave for Orlando tomorrow. I tell everyone about you and that all it takes is wings...wings make miracles happen" Rebecca

"I have always wanted to become a flight attendant so I searched the web for information. I paid to take a flight attendant pre-qualification test online and in the end got a worthless certificate. I also paid a lot of money to a placement site that did nothing for me. I mentioned these sites to my recruiter in my first airline interview. She told me EXACTLY what you say on your site, that no one can train you to be a flight attendant but the airline that hires you and no one needs to apply for you.  ( I asked her specifically about your site and she gave me a thumbs up!)  Everyone should know that they can get EVERYTHING they need just from your services. Thanks to you I was a prepared, informed applicant and was hired!  I could have saved a lot of money and time if I had just ordered your information only. Thanks for everything and I hope this helps other people." 

"Kiki, I was hired with United Airlines, thanks to you, your guide and overview. A few months back, I  rode an airport bus with a young gal who had spent a lot of money at another site online that pretty much scammed her, and gave her some certificate, she had presented it at her interview, and the recruiter told her that it was not something they accepted and she was not selected. She was crying so hard on the bus, I got her address, and sent her my personal copy of your guide. Well, she emailed me, she has been hired at UAL also, so ends up, we will be working together! Please everyone, there are so many scams out there...all you need is Kiki and her team and you will be a success. Thank you Kiki"

Just to let you know, I was selected for training at Skywest! After ordering your guide and overview and reading through it, I knew immediately what I had done wrong in past airline interviews. I followed your guide and I finally have the job I have been dreaming of for years. 

"I was hired today at United I have never been so calm in an interview and it was because I knew what to expect. When the questions started coming, they were straight from your guide and I knew what to say! I looked great, felt great and did great, thanks to all of your detailed tips and little secrets! Thank you Kiki." 

"I just wanted to let you know that I got hired at United! Thank you so much for all of your help and words of encouragement. Without you and your guide I would still be a dreamer. I'll be sure to recommend your products to anyone who is interested in becoming a flight attendant. I cannot say thank you enough, you have seriously changed my life." 

"I got it at United! I would not have made it without your guide and overview! I am here to tell the world, they need to get your information in order to be prepared. I saw other applicants flounder in the interview, doing everything your guide tells you not to do! Afterwards, I was writing doing the name of your website for all of them so they could be better prepared next time. I was only one of two selected, and I feel so honored and so happy. Thank you Kiki for doing what you do! "

"Hello from Jetblue's newest flight attendant! I made it Kiki! Thank you for the guide, your encouragement and for educating me through the written word! Your guide is like a miniature training course for flight attendant wannabes like me!!! I will see you in the sky!" 

"Never thought I'd be a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant, but I got the job! Your expertise is incredible. There is nothing like your guide out there. I felt like a flight attendant after I read it, and this obviously translated at my interview because I was selected. Thank you Kiki!"   

"I got it at United! I would not have made it without your guide and overview! I am here to tell the world, they need to get your information in order to be prepared. I saw other applicants flounder in the interview, doing everything your guide tells you not to do! Afterwards, I was writing doing the name of your website for all of them so they could be better prepared next time. I was only one of two selected, and I feel so honored and so happy. Thank you Kiki for doing what you do! "Susan, GA

"Many thanks to you for writing the book that finally got me motivated and inspired to pursue the dream I have had all my life. After raising my family and becoming an empty nester, I thought it was too late, but with your encouragement and absolutely wonderful book, I was hired at Southwest Airlines and am finally going to be living my dream. 

"I read your book cover to cover and soaked up the material, especially the hints on what the recruiters were looking for. Your book and kind supportive and encouraging emails were the tickets that gave me the confidence to pursue my dream. Your work is what turned my confidence level around and made me believe that I could reach my dream. I was selected at Alaska Airlines.

"I was selected at Southwest. Your guide and the Southwest overview were my ticket to success. I just would not be here with you Kiki. Thanks always." 

'I got the call from Frontier and was hired this morning! You were right about everything. It is amazing how fast it happened! Thank you so much for all your support. I would not have had this opportunity without your help. This is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in my life. You are wonderful!" 

"Kiki I am a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, thanks to you! I have never been better prepared for an interview in my life. I appreciate all the materials and information you offer at your site. I always looked forward to being on it, so please post this! I am so happy!"  

"I flew through my first United Airlines interview with flying colors, thanks to you and your guide. I could not have made it without your information and support. You offer the best product available. I am so glad I found you, you have given me the confidence to pursue my dream."  

"I wanted to thank you for publishing your book. I ordered it about a month ago, just a week prior to my interview at Horizon Air. It was the first interview I had been on for the flight attendant position and the first interview I had been to in five years. I went feeling confident because I knew I was prepared. I got the job at Horizon! This is something I wanted to do years ago, and now I will be!" Thanks, Kimberley

"I honestly feel like I won the lottery. I was hired at American and it would not have been possible without your help Kiki. I was simply the best prepared person in the room. Your guide is invaluable, the overview was exactly like my interview and all along you have been my greatest supporter. I wish I had a way to thank you for all you have done for me." 

"I ordered the overview for Southwest Airlines and wanted to let you know how much it assisted me in the process. I was offered the flight attendant position with Southwest today and I am very excited. Thank you for your product , I found it extremely helpful and would recommend it to anyone applying for an airline position." 

"I was hired at Alaska and I can only tell others that anyone who is truly serious about getting a career as a flight attendant should get your guide. You are an inspiration." 

"Kiki you are an angel. I was hired by Skywest. I followed all of those secret little pointers in your book, and I was a total standout. My recruiter could not stop complimenting me, and it felt so great! I have been to two other interviews without the help of your guide, and I just faded into the background, but your tips really got me noticed and HIRED and I cannot thank you enough!" 

"I got the job with Southwest Airlines! After purchasing and studying your guide, I went into my interview extremely prepared and informed and got it.  Kiki, tell everyone that if I can do it, they can. I would have never thought my dream of being a flight attendant would come true, but with your help and advice, it has." 

"I am writing to thank you for changing my life! I was working in a cubicle at a bank everyday from 8-5. I cannot tell you how bored and unfulfilled I was. One of my co-workers was hired as a flight attendant after buying your book a couple of years ago. He passed it on to me and I was hired, too.  I'm now traveling when I go to work instead of looking at four walls! I'm flying international, actually having dinner in London and Paris and pinching myself... a lot. I have also recently taken my parents and my boyfriend to Hawaii, we traveled first class, basically for free, and spent a week in Maui at a beautiful hotel that gave us a huge airline discount. I almost felt guilty! Thanks Kiki, everything you wrote in your guide was right on, and because of that the interview process was a breeze and I am loving my new life." 

"I got the job!!!! I could not have done this without your book."

"Just wanted to let you know that Spirit offered me the position. Thanks so much for your book and your words of encouragement, you were so helpful." 

"Frontier offered me the Flight Attendant position today. It's you that I owe it to, your book and your helpful emails have done it! I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Thanks for creating your very informative guide, it brings much needed simplicity to this process!" Jill, Marshall, TX

"I followed the suggestions in your book and was offered the position with Compass!  I want to thank you for writing the book for others like me. I could not have done it without you Kiki. 

"I was offered the job from AA!!! I applied the day I read your guide, got an interview and was hired just two weeks later. Your book really is essential in the process of pursuing a career as a flight attendant."

"I purchased your guide and after reading it several times from cover to cover I went for my first interview at American and was selected. Just wanted to let you know how useful I found the information in the Guide. Not only did it give me wonderful insight on how to prepare for and what to expect during the interview, it was invaluable in regards to the information it provided me in considering this lifestyle change. Thanks for providing easy to understand information for anyone seeking this career!"

"Your guide is wonderful and thank you for all your advice, I was hired at Hawaiian! Mahalo Kiki! 

"I loved your guide and found it most helpful. It gave me so much insight into the Flight Attendant career and fully prepared me for my interview. I am invited to training at Allegiant!

"You've helped another find their dream job. The trainee I'm seated next to in Flight Attendant training  said she also purchased your guide and credits it with making it possible to get the job." You've done it again!" Bonnie, WI

"I was hired!! Thank you. Your book was a wealth of knowledge, I appreciate all the inside information and support, it was priceless. Qantas here I come!" Karen, Melbourne Australia

"Thank you for all your help and the wonderful information. I got the job." Michael

"I want to thank you for your guide. It developed my confidence, I began applying and was hired." Etsuko

"Thanks for your guide, it is a wealth of inside information. After reading it I sent off for an application to Delta and did the prescreening for American. I applied your suggestions when completing both and within a week, I was scheduled for interviews! I have now been offered the position with both airlines I am so excited. Thank you!" 

"Thanks to your book I was offered the flight attendant position with Southwest. I was prepared for my interview only because of you and your book. I could go on about how wonderful your book is, but you have to buy it to find out how right on target it really is. Thank you for your advice and I will recommend it to all my friends. 

"I just wanted to thank you for your Guide and your words of encouragement. I found the Guide to be thorough and well written. I was recently hired as a Flight Attendant for American Airlines and your book no doubt played an essential role in me being hired. Many thanks for all your help." 

"Just wanted to let you know I was hired by Southwest Airlines. I really felt prepared and confident thanks to the amount of great information and those special tips you put in the guide. I definitely felt like I was the best applicant there. Thank you Kiki for all you did for me. See you in the sky!   

"I ordered your book and a couple of the overviews about a month ago figuring I had nothing to lose, well it turns out, I had everything to gain! I was laid off from my job six months ago, and decided to leave my field and follow a long time dream of being a flight attendant. Thanks to your book, I had a tremendously successful interview, and was invited to flight attendant training. I have recommended your site to many friends and colleagues and just wanted to thank you personally for a such an informative, easy to understand, inspiring book." 

"Dear Kiki, Thank you so much. I had been to three interviews before purchasing your book. (A friend of mine that I met at one of the interviews recommended my reading it.) I flew out to interview with a regional carrier last week, and this morning there was an acceptance letter in my mailbox! It was amazing. All of the questions they asked were those I'd studied in "The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant" Thank you again for all of the helpful information." Jewel

"Had to share the good news with you! Thanks for your extremely valuable advice! I had no idea where to start when I found your website. Pursuing a flight attendant career would have been a long and painful process without your help! Not only did I receive an offer from one airline, but both airlines that I interviewed with offered me the job! Your advice changed my whole idea about interviewing. I went in confident because I knew what to expect and I could be myself. I don't even know how to tell you how grateful I am that you wrote this book and provided this information. Thank you for extending yourself to share your experience, when I am questioned by perspective flight attendants in the future, I will HIGHLY recommend your guide."

"I got your guide and I love it!  I turned immediately to the question and answer section of your guide and every question I was asked in my previous airline interview was there, and I can clearly see how wrong my answers were compared to the ones you give. I have never felt more confident about anything in my life. Wish me luck!" Susan

"After I read your site I was more inspired than ever to apply for a flight attendant job. Your guide is the best tool I could have found to get me through the process. Everything in my Southwest interview was in your guide. I have the job now and I owe you many thanks!"

"Kiki, my first and only interview with an airline, Skywest, and I nailed it! I am excited! After reading your book, I saw so many people wearing, doing and saying the wrong things in the group interview. 

 "Kiki you are the best. I have tried every method of becoming a flight attendant and nothing worked until I got your guide! I understood exactly what I was doing wrong in my previous interviews and I am now a Jetblue new hire! Thank you so much."

"First let me say that your book is fabulous!  I felt like I was reading a novel that I couldn't put down, and couldn't help but jumping from chapter to chapter to see what was coming next.  Your book also makes me feel like I'm part of some sort of secret club, reading information that flight attendant job seekers should not be privy to!  So, thank you again for publishing such a wonderful book!" 

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