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First Class Service

First Class Service was created for applicants who are looking for the ultimate in Flight Attendant Career preparation.
You receive ALL of our products and services and unlimited consulting with Kiki Ward so that you can get started on your Flight Attendant career immediately knowing you are prepared, competitive and ready to shine.

What's included:

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First Class Service FAQ'S

How much is the First Class Service?
The cost for our First Class Service is $249.00.

How soon will my products arrive?
Your airline overviews will arrive in your inbox same day, your guide will ship same day, and as soon as we receive your resume information, we prioritize it for the fasted possible turn around. This service is designed to immerse you in information and get you  ready to go and able to immediately apply and interview.

Does my service expire?
No, once you are in First Class you remain in First Class and we are here to help you anytime. 


"Word to the wise, do not attempt this career without learning and educating yourself with Kiki's services. You have got to prepared to stand out. I interviewed all on my own, and what a disaster, I walked into the room and knew within a second I was at a disadvantage. After the session, riding the van back to the airport, another applicant who got a CJO that afternoon gave me Kiki's name and website, said it was the key to her success. Fast forward to my flight home, I was crying on the shoulders of the working FA's, and THEY gave me Kiki's name and website! I figured it was a sign. Well it was, and here I am a loyal Kiki disciple loving my life as a FA. Thanks you guys this has been the adventure of my life, I loved your services and working with you (and  I framed my resume right after I had Kiki add my  Flight Attendant job!) Love and blessings to you all"

"Just checking in to give you a quick update about my new life as a FA! We really did it Kiki. I still sort of pinch myself from time to time, but it is fantastic and I love the job, my coworkers and just the whole lifestyle. I am your biggest cheerleader out here, telling everyone I meet that wants to be a FA that they gotta hook up with my girl Kiki, get into her First Class and get the wheels in motion. Thanks for educating me, inspiring me and making me believe it was a goal that could be reached, I truly understand now that this is a job you have to step out and go after you can't do it just by dreaming, you gotta prepare!"

"Today my life changed and I owe it all to you Kiki. I was offered a CJO at Delta, my heart is so full of gratitude! I would not have achieved  this without the help of First Class Service, your amazing support and always spot on advice." Bobby

"I bought the First Class Service with hopes of learning and getting confidence to try to be a Flight Attendant after not getting hired at airlines. I got so much more! Kiki I feel like you are a friend, you have been so helpful and good to me and have been there every step of the way.  I got the offer at United Airlines today, I am so happy and when people ask me how to become a Flight Attendant and I am so proud to tell them about you." T.N..

"First Class Service was hands down the best investment I ever made. Thanks for making this one stop shopping available!! I am in process now with five airlines, (two majors, three regionals) and would not be fielding offers if not for your incredible resources and advice. I am a long time "cubicle" dweller on the cusp of living my lifelong dream. You told me I could do it, and with your help I did. Thank you so much." Abby

"Kiki everything the First class Service is great and the total key to my success. I got the flight attendant job with Southwest Airlines!! I am very grateful to you because you helped me change my life and also follow a dream." Vicky, MD

"Kiki., I'm a believer, you took my work history which I thought was in no way good enough and you made me a competitor, within a week I had video interviews at Alaska and Delta and and invitations from Skywest and Republic. You are a very talented person, I feel blessed to have found you and your First Class Service." Robyn

"I got it at Delta and Skywest!!!!!! never in my wildest dreams did I think the hardest part would be choosing my airline. Everybody know this, I am 54 years old and I am about to LIVE my DREAMS! Kiki you are my angel sent from heaven. Thank you!" Denise

"I made it at Alaska!!. Thanks Kiki I felt so prepared and just as you said I would, I did great. I almost felt bad for people who were so ill prepared, I just knew what to say to every question thanks to you and I got a huge compliment on my outfit and my resume. Thank you always being there to help me whenever I needed you." Stephanie

"Kiki I know this is going to read like such a personal email, but I really want you to post this, I have thought a lot about it and also about how you help others, well I hope this is my chance to help someone, so please post, okay? To everyone who is thinking about potentially purchasing Kiki's products or services, read this! I am a Flight Attendant now, for Delta Airlines. But, prior to that, I was a newly divorced woman who was literally at rock bottom. I had always wanted to be a FA, but was held back my whole life because of well, life and others telling me I could not do it. So, after the shock of divorce, a medical scare, and no job, I started researching the FA career again. I NEEDED a way out of my situation. First thing to come up, Miss Kiki Ward and her amazing site, so I emailed her, and to my surprise and elation, she emails me back and is SO sweet. I was sold, bought it all, and My Lord, she worked a miracle and put me on a path to this incredible life, I pinch myself everyday when I am at work on AN AIRPLANE, (lol), looking sharp and feeling confident and proud, being the person I had dreamed my whole life of being. Yes, she gave me the tools to succeed, but she did something else, she restored my confidence, she renewed my ambition and she told me that I COULD. Moral of the story, it's just never too late to start a new journey. (I know that is your line Kiki!!) Thanks for changing my world!" D.S. Boston, MA

"It is official! I am an American Airlines Flight Attendant. Thank you for your incredible products, personal coaching and always being there to guide me through, I would not be here without you. Purchasing your First Class was the best decision I ever made. Anytime anyone asks me how I did it, I simply say KIKI WARD!!!!"  B.G.. New York, NY

"Many thanks for my career! I love to tell my story, I hope that you post it, I want everyone to know that becoming a Flight Attendant is doable, and Kiki you are A LIFECHANGER! I was 53 and had been a stay at home mom for 19 years when I first emailed you. After you worked your magic, (and made me believe), I got interviews and I was hired at American. I am having the time of my life. You are an answered prayer." L.J. California

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