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Outshine your interview competition by knowing exactly what to expect at your airline interview before you go! In addition to our best selling career guide we are proud to be exclusively offering airline interview overviews! This information is direct from trusted sources. It is information made available only to us, if you see it somewhere else, they got it here! The specific questions you'll be asked, group participation exercises, and the complete script of the interview from arrival to departure!  The overview will walk you through the interview from the time you arrive until the time you depart. You will shine in the highly competitive airline flight attendant interview process by being prepared and knowing exactly what to expect before you go! 

The overviews are not books, they are the step by step interview for each specific airline and each airline interview varies in both content and length.  We recommend them as an enhancement to our Flight Attendant hiring guide, The Essential Guide to Becoming a Flight Attendant.  

 Airline overviews are available by download.  At final checkout you will receive a link to download your selection. Look for the download button after submitting your order.

No waiting, no shipping costs, what could be easier? 

Each overview is $9.95

Alaska/ Horizon Air   

American Airlines      

Delta Airlines  



Spirit Airlines

Southwest Airlines 

United Airlines         

Interview Overview DOWNLOAD FAQ'S

How do I download the overview?

Once you have completed the purchase process, an interview download will appear to the right of your screen in RED. Simply click on the link to open the overview.

I have downloaded the overview but cannot locate it on my computer.

Watch carefully when you begin the process of the download. Your computer will download it to a program of your choice, or default to a program like Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, etc..

My download did not work.

Email us immediately, and will email the overview(s) you ordered directly to your inbox.

Wait, this is not 145 pages?

No, The Essential Guide to Becoming a Flight Attendant is 145 pages, each airline overview is 4-16 pages depending on the length of the individual airline interview. IT IS the interview, from check in to departure and it is an amazing and valuable tool packed with what you can expect that day.

Airline Interview/ What to expect FAQ's

I have been asked to do a video interview with an airline that I applied to, help please!  

Many airlines are using the video interview as a tool to pre-screen applicant prior to inviting them to a Face to Face session. It is an important part of your evaluation, and you need to be ready for this step. Once you apply online to the airlines that use video sessions, you will be initially screened and if selected, contacted to complete a video session. 
Things to remember:
You will receive an email with directives to complete the video. You must follow them exactly! Find a calm, quiet time to do the interview, dress as you would for a live session, (in business attire). And, conduct yourself as you would in a regular interview.
You are usually given a time frame to complete it, about 3-5 days, or the offer expires, so you need to get it done as quickly as you can and as soon as you feel ready.
The video is not with a live person, it is you speaking to the computer screen, so it can feel very awkward. Also, your response to each questions is timed, so you need to be concise. Key points airlines look for, someone who is engaging, professional, interactive and friendly. Keep your eyes on the screen, pretend you are speaking to a real recruiter. You are normally given a chance to review your performance prior to submitting it to the airline.

Some airlines still use a phone interview as part of the screening session, follow the directives above as far being engaging and interactive, and since you will be speaking in person to an actual recruiter, you can really demonstrate some personality. Professionalism is still key, and always remember the listen carefully to what you are asked so your answer is concise and to the point. Having a note pad and documenting highlights of what is asked so you can answer clearly is a great trick. You need to have great phone manners, a confident demeanor, and always complete the call by thanking the recruiter for the opportunity,

I am invited to a F2F! (Face to Face Interview) What can I expect?

You can expect a full, busy day! If your airline is providing travel for you, it may a very long day as you normally arrive, interview, and depart the same day. If you are being provided travel, you need to show up for your flight dressed for your interview! From the time you check in for your flight, you are "on" and recognizable to agents and crew as an applicant. Once you arrive at the interview location (whether it is an open session or an invitation session) expect to sign in, show documentation, be given a complete company overview as a group, introduce yourself and participate in group sessions or a one on one session, or both.
You are always being observed throughout the day, so you need to be interactive, talkative with other applicants, outgoing and energetic, no matter how long the day is.


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