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 About Kiki

After over 31 years in the airline industry, I am proud to be the "go to" source on all things Flight Attendant and the industry recognized Flight Attendant career expert. I have enjoyed a long and exciting career as a Flight Attendant for American Airlines, a career full of unlimited opportunities and a one of a kind lifestyle, getting paid to travel! Now, you can have access to the inside information that has successfully secured Flight Attendant careers for thousands of our customers.

I was hired by American Airlines in 1986 and I have flown as both a domestic and international Flight Attendant. During my career I've been awarded the Professional Flight Attendant Award, been selected to work aboard charters for major league sports teams and have represented American Airlines at celebrity and charity events all over the world.  

I have served as a Flight Attendant consultant on motion picture and television productions, provided commentary for high profile media outlets and served as a hiring consultant for airlines worldwide. 

We are able to attend the same interviews you attend, and we are allowed insider access to hiring information. We are often asked to consult on interview curriculum for airlines as well as offer our feedback on individual airline interview processes. We offer you inside information that simply cannot be found elsewhere. 

Since our inception in 1997, we have helped thousands leave a less than exciting work life for an office with a view and allowed others to fulfill a life long dream. We are the best selling flight attendant hiring resource available and we are trusted and recognized by airlines around the world as the source on the Flight Attendant career.

A world of opportunity was opened up to me the day I was hired as a Flight Attendant and it can be the same for you! 



" Credit the love of travel, the prestige of the uniform or the promise of a lucrative career, whatever the motivation, the lure of flying draws flight attendants to an industry that many are reluctant to ever leave." The Fort Worth Star Telegram  

"Kiki is a true Flight Attendant with the wit, intelligence and personality to have risen to the top at American Airlines. She has also written what is by all standards the best flight attendant hiring guide in the world. She has had readers hired at every airline worldwide and continues to bring applicants together with airlines at an astonishing success rate. Airlines look to her to send in applicants who after reading her book are prepared and ready to interview for what continues to be one of the most prestigious careers in aviation." Flight Career News

 After over 30 years in the airline industry, I am proud to be the industry recognized Flight Attendant career expert and the "go to" source on all things Flight Attendant. I look forward to being a part of each and every one of my clients success stories.-Kiki 

"The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant" is the definitive source on the Flight Attendant career and the entire application, interviewing and hiring process, plus you'll learn about all of the good things that come with having a great job. In addition to the guide, our groundbreaking airline resume service, First Class Service and Airline Interview Guides have helped lead thousands of applicants to success.  





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