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Flight Attendant Career FAQ's

Do I need to attend a school or complete a training program before I can apply? 

No. The only schooling required for the airline Flight Attendant position in the U.S. is a high school diploma or equivalent.  Once you are selected, you will be trained by your airline in a 3-8 week  training program that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.  

I want to be a Flight Attendant! Where do I start?

Getting started is as simple as meeting the basic requirements, preparing and applying. Most airlines accept applications and resumes online, some will require that you attend an open interview session in a scheduled location. Current airline hiring information is available on our site, just link to our Flight Attendant Jobs.. Next, view our other Flight Attendant career preparation products and services, including our airline Resume Service, First Class Service and our exclusive Airline Interview Overviews. Preparation is an essential part of being selected! We also offer our Flight Attendant Career Test FREE with any purchase from our site. It contains over 50 airline qualifying questions, plus the required 24 hour clock. The is self test will definitely help you to determine if the career is a good fit for you

What are the requirements to be a Flight Attendant?

The job requirements are actually quite basic. These usually include: 
HEIGHT- The height requirements are very different at every airline and are listed in the FA job post that each airline runs at time of hiring. Many airlines do not list height requirements but instead require that you be able to reach to a specified vertical height.  
WEIGHT: There are no weight standards at US airlines. You must only be able to fit into a standard aircraft jumpseat, which are very accommodating. Most Flight Attendants look like people you see around you everyday, airlines employ people of all shapes and sizes!
EDUCATION: A high school diploma or GED is required.
VISION: Correctable eyewear/contacts are normally allowed to ensure you can meet the corrected vision requirements.
BACKGROUND CHECK: You must be able to pass a background check, fingerprint and drug screening.
MEDICAL EVALUATION/AGILITY TEST: Once selected, at some airlines you will undergo a medical physical/agility test to ensure you are in good health and able to perform the job duties. 
APPEARANCE: Flight Attendants are just ordinary looking people doing an extraordinary job, you only need to be well groomed and neat in appearance. 

What will the interview for the Flight Attendant position be like?

The Flight Attendant interview  will be a busy day for you! As with most job interviews, it requires that you  be professionally dressed, personable and positive throughout the interview. However, there many more applicants competing for every one Flight Attendant job and this is why your preparation and our guide and services are so crucial. Airlines can be highly selective with so many applicants. What sets an airline interview apart from other job interviews is that you will be assessed in areas of personal presentation, customer service work history, your abilities to interact with others, your understanding of customer service, and your overall personality. We teach you to be the applicant that airlines look for. You will usually participate in a group exercise, to let the airline see how you work with others on a task. You will always be asked questions, you will usually be asked to introduce yourself to the group, you may read a sample  in-flight announcement aloud or be asked to take a test surveying your comprehension skills. You'll also receive an overview of the company and the career from a representative of the airline. Also, you will be continually observed and evaluated. Usually the interview will last at least several hours. The length is again, part of the process to see how you hold up all day, both in terms of personality and professionalism, just as you will need to as a working Flight Attendant.

Why should I buy your information to get hired as a Flight Attendant?

My life changed dramatically after being hired at American Airlines. I never forgot what an extraordinary gift it was to fly around the world with really fun people and be exposed to so much opportunity, plus be paid! I decided early on in my career to try and help others do the same after realizing that so many people had huge misconceptions about how to get hired and the airline industry was lacking a dependable, trustworthy resource guide for people who really wanted a chance at the career. Since our inception in 1997,  we have helped thousands leave a less than exciting work life for an "office with a view" and allowed others to fulfill a life long dream.  We offer the best resources available on getting hired as a flight attendant and our clients are success stories! We look forward to assisting you, too! 

What kinds of questions will they ask me at my interview?

Questions at the airline interview are the most important factor for the recruiters. The primary focus of the questions will be to evaluate how much you understand customer service, workplace and customer safety, teamwork and how well you handle challenging situations in the workplace. Our guide has all of the current questions, over 90 of them, with answers. You need to be ready to give the recruiter the answer they are looking for, because there are right and wrong ways to answer.

I'm over 50, am I too old to be hired as a Flight Attendant?

No, airlines welcome all applicants and the vast and varied life experience they are able to bring to the job! There is no maximum age requirement in place at US airlines, you are never too old to begin applying for a Flight Attendant position and it is never too late!  If you want to make your dream of being a Flight Attendant come true, do not let age stop you from pursuing it!

How old do you have to be to apply for the Flight Attendant job?

All airlines have a minimum age requirement, usually between the ages of 18 and 21 years old. The requirement depends on the airline. As stated above, airline welcome all ages, so apply as soon as you meet the minimum for the airline(s) you are interested in applying to.

I am ready to start! What are my next steps?

First, think about which of our products and services will be of the most assistance to you, and place your order. You need to have your resume in hand to apply and you need to be educated about the airline process and the FA career prior to applying.  
If you do not have a passport, immediately begin the process of getting one. 
Get an email that is your name, (first and last)  it will be much more professional on your paperwork, and keeps your name in front of the recruiting team. Also, airlines tell us that a huge issue for them is important emails concerning employment never reaching applicants because it ends up in the applicants junk/spam.  When in process with an airline, continually check your email to be sure you are receiving their communications.
Monitor our hiring site to stay up to date on where to apply. 
Read about the airlines you like by linking to their corporate page from their main page, (via our hiring page) Airlines like informed applicants. 
Lastly, begin to get your personal life in order and things organized, sometimes the airline hiring process happens very quickly and you are off on the adventure of a lifetime in a very short time frame.

I was selected, but I am worried about passing training at my airline. How can I prepare?

Once conditionally selected from your interview, you must then successfully pass a safety and security sensitive training program with your airline. You will learn and demonstrate proficiency in the skills to save lives, maintain a safe and comfortable passenger environment and also provide outstanding customer service. Be committed to the material and treat each day as if you were still under evaluation, because you are. Remember, you were selected from many applicants, so your airline wants you to succeed, but you will be held to a high academic standard, appearance standard and conduct standard while in training.  When you earn those wings, it's all worth it. 

I have seen other websites with services similar to yours, what is that about?

We realize that we are often copied online, and have been for years, but we are real and we are the original! We have been the most trusted, successful Flight Attendant guide since 1997. We are committed to helping our clients by offering the very best information available. Always be careful of scams on the internet and false products that may use our name or copy information from our site in their materials or in their site names.

Which airlines are hiring?

Check our FREE hiring updates often for current opportunities.

I cannot relocate, can I still apply?

Yes! A huge number of Flight Attendants at every airline commute to their base and live where they want. You are free to commute on your travel benefits and can even utilize your airline benefits on other airlines to commute so it is very common to not live at your assigned base.

I'm worried about being asked to make a PA announcement in my interview. HELP!

As a working FA, you will address the cabin by PA all the time. Departure, arrival and announcements that pertain to safety are written for you and available in your in-flight manual that is provided for you by your airline. However, many times you will make impromptu announcements for example, delays, special guests on board, etc..without written guidance and many airlines will ask you to perform one in your interview. The airline will usually give you some key pieces of information and then ask you to "announce" it. Probably everyone has at some point imitated a FA onboard announcement! So that is what you need to do. The recruiter is looking for confidence, organization of information and your ability to command attention. Do not speak too fast. Remember, in real time, you would be addressing in some cases, hundreds of passengers, so everyone needs to be able to understand you. Read the information you are given, then follow these key points: 

1. Get the attention of the cabin.
2. State the information, be concise and factual.
3. Close the PA effectively.

Example The Captain calls you and gives you this information. The aircraft is delayed due to weather, we will be 15 minutes late, now arriving gate 36, keep the passengers seated it may be turbulent, pick up service items, updated connection information is coming. Your PA should sound like this:

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentleman, if I could have your attention for just a moment. The Captain has informed me that due to weather in the area today, our arrival will be delayed for approximately 15 minutes. We do ask that you remain seated with your seat belts fastened at this time and the Flight Attendants will be also be passing through the cabin to pick up any remaining service items. We are scheduled to arrive today at gate 36, and I will be back shortly with connecting gate information for those of you who have connecting flights. Thank you for attention.

What is an open session or open house interview?

An open hiring sessions allows applicants in most cases to simply show up and be interviewed. The airlines that conduct these generally do not provide transportation to the site. It is an investment on the applicants part. There are many airlines that conduct only open session type interviews. These open sessions are a great way to go and instantly interview without applying and waiting to be called and set up for an interview.

Will I need a passport in order to begin applying?

Not every airline will require that you already have a passport when you apply, but most will. Some will accept a receipt that you have begun the process. Be sure to carefully check the airline requirements before applying. As a flight attendant, you will be required to have valid passport. Click here for information about the passport application process.

I'm not a US citizen, can I apply to a US based airline?

In order to apply to a US based airline, you must be legally able to work in the US and enter and exit the US without restriction.

Do Flight Attendants really get to fly for free?

Most travel costs the airline employee nothing. The incredible travel privileges also extend to the Flight Attendant, spouse, dependent children, parents, life partners, and other extended family members, neighbors and friends. Also, once you become a Flight Attendant you become eligible for travel on other airlines as well and you, your family and friends will receive incredible discounts on tickets on nearly every airline in the world, as well as cruise lines, resorts and hotels. It is truly the "hidden paycheck" in the airline business.

I have a past arrest on my record will this disqualify me?

We have many clients who have prior arrests or records and they have been successfully hired as Flight Attendants. Much of it depends on the type of arrest or conviction and the majority of airlines will include requirements concerning prior arrests in at time of application. 

Will I have to relocate?

Your Flight Attendant career will require some flexibility on your part as new hire Flight Attendants will be assigned a base after graduating from your airlines training program. You will be expected to report for duty from that base, but may live wherever you choose and you can commute on your travel passes. A huge number of Flight Attendants commute to their base city and can do so using airline travel benefits. Also, you will normally be eligible for transfer from your initially assigned base to the base of your choice in a specified time frame set by your airline.  

How do I know if my past work history is good enough to get a Flight Attendant job?

Airlines truly welcome all types of past work experience.  Airlines want someone who can relate favorably to passengers and colleagues, offer outstanding safety and service  and who have a positive, engaging personality. We have clients hired who have been stay at home parents, clients who are just out of high school, clients who have worked a variety of short term jobs and clients who have had long careers in completely unrelated fields, as long as As long as you can convey that you understand and value the customer experience and can provide outstanding service while maintaining a safe and inclusive customer environment, you can do it. Hint: Let us build your resume, we are skilled at making your work history relatable to the FA job.

What is the schedule of a Flight Attendant like?

Normally Flight Attendants are scheduled to work about 13-20 days a month dependent on the airline. You will normally work a sequence or trip,  immediately followed by days off. It is important to note that FA's work all kinds of trips, 2day, 3day, 4day, or even turnarounds so your schedule will vary. Many utilize the time off by beginning second businesses, taking advantage of the incredible travel benefits or spending time with their families, making it truly the most flexible job in the world.   

Does the airline pay for the hotel accommodations on layovers?

Yes. The airline pays for a hotel room for each crewmember as well as arranging company paid transportation to and from the hotel. Each trip can be like a mini vacation!

What kind of income do Flight Attendants make?

Flight Attendant income varies from airline to airline. The pay ranges from about $13.00-$50.00 per flight hour or more. Most airlines have in place a monthly guarantee which ranges between 65-80 flight hours. The Flight Attendant is paid the guarantee whether he/she actually works those hours or not.  Actual pay per hour is dependent upon years of service and any special qualifications the Flight Attendant may have on board the aircraft.  Flight Attendants also receive per diem for each hour spent away from home to cover meals and other expenses. With each year of service also comes an increase in pay. In addition, Flight Attendants can trade/swap, drop or pick up trips to fly more or less time or increase pay.

I have a tattoo, will this disqualify me?

You may hear questions in your interview about tattoos you may have and how visible they are. Airlines generally do not disqualify an applicant if the tattoo cannot be seen while in uniform. In other words, tattoos on the face, neck, lower arms or hands would probably disqualify you, whereas tattoos that are not visible while in uniform would normally be acceptable.

Do you answer the email from your site?

Yes! Each email is given the personal attention it deserves! There is a lot to learn about beginning a Flight Attendant career, and we want to give our customers and site visitors the correct information, support and guidance.  Email us We are here to help! 

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